WinSnip A Desktop Clipping Utility       {Back to the Nest}









WinSnip is a utility for copying portions of the desktop to the clipboard and saving the graphical contents of the clipboard to a PNG file. This utility is activated by pressing hot keys, and provides for conveniently selecting a region of the desktop to copy.


Usage scenarios:



Open a photo in your favorite photo viewer, adjust to your screen, and then use the WinSnip utility to clip a region of interest, which you can immediately attach to your email as a PNG file you'll not only save time, but you'll also effectively perform both cropping and down sampling of your image and ensure it would be correctly viewed by the recipient.

















Select pieces of software interface and paste them right away to your PowerPoint slides.









Attach screenshots as PNG to your bug tracking software in a matter of moments right when you spotted a bug and are irritated enough not to deal with graphics editors and file converters!











Our experimental background removal feature is here to help you be more productive in designer's tasks clear the background around the edges of an object in a picture, and extract the object to the clipboard to paste it to whichever document you work on.